Green Consultant Film & TV IHK

Active participation in the process of ecological and social change



The film, TV and media industry has a very negative environmental balance. Green filming has been an issue in the film industry for years, and film companies have been working on the ecological sustainability of their production methods for years. In order to implement these professionally, many film productions nowadays need an expert on Green Filming. Self-commitment declarations of broadcasters and associations, which will be published soon or updated, as well as the changed social awareness about climate change require this. For these reasons, Green Consultants are in great demand in the film and television sector. With this training you can actively participate in shaping this ecological and social change. Classes take place mainly in class, on selected dates if necessary also online.


Target audience

Professionals from the film, TV and media industry



The further training can be divided into four modules:

  • Module 1 is a 5-day basic seminar, in which, among other things, sustainable production planning, calculation, communication and incentives are discussed. In addition, concrete measures for implementation in the areas of buildings/offices, IT, catering, travel/transport, light/energy, as well as set design and decoration construction are designed.
  • Module 2 is for self-study based on the contents of Module 1 and the additionally provided documents.
  • Module 3 also comprises five attendance days and is dedicated to the consolidation of the first two modules and prepares you specifically for the project work.
  • Module 4 is only concerned with the final assessment.


Further information on the 2021 events can be found here (in German only).