Bernhard Großruck

Location Scout, Specialized in real estate

How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

30 years ago I worked as a still photographer, for example for the ORF or for the American ABC for a film about a mountain drama on Everest shot on the Pitztal glacier. As a press photographer, I did numerous photo reportages back then, e.g. on the German series Wildbach im Alpbachtal, the Piefke Saga or Andreas Hofer. At that time I got my first insight into the film industry. I have been a real estate agent since 2002 and from the combined effect of my careers I know many corners of Tyrol on land and from the air and many properties with their owners from the inside and have been able to arrange many an interesting location.

What distinguishes Tirol as a film region for you?

Interesting building locations from traditional to ultra-modern in the residential and commercial real estate sector. Deep views and exciting landscapes with their seasonal diversity.

We are curious: Tell us your favourite location in Tirol!

The lake „Hintersteinersee“ in the „Kaisergebirge“.

And now: The stage is yours! Please introduce yourselves and your field of activity.

Are you looking for a 70s living room or a salon in an old building from the Wilhelminian era?
The industrial hall, 90s apartment or villa?

With my decades of professional experience as a real estate agent, I also know many properties from the inside, have hundreds of properties and pictures in my head and the corresponding access to owners and can arrange the right film or photo location for you.

Even with my previous 15 years of professional experience as a press photographer, I know almost every corner of Tyrol on land and from the air.

As a result, I also have an eye for visually interesting perspectives.

I am also happy to provide partial services, such as researching the relevant owners, if you have discovered an interesting property.

If you are interested, also in cooperation, I look forward to receiving your valued feedback, also by telephone, for an exchange.


Bernhard Großruck
Kaiserjägerstraße 30
6020 Innsbruck

Mob.: + 43 664 20 19 128