Everything is in the green

Hygiene specialist hollu practices the highest environmental standards and also meets the strict requirements of the EMAS seal of approval, which have just been rechecked and confirmed.


In its day-to-day work, hollu follows the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and has also met the strict requirements of the EMAS seal of approval of the European Union since 2016. Recently, the high EMAS standards of the Tyrolean hygiene specialist with its more than 400 employees were put under the microscope again and confirmed once more!

The EMAS seal of approval of the European Union is considered the most demanding system for sustainable environmental management worldwide. This strict certification has to be earned anew every three years. ‚In the EMAS environmental statement, we describe what we do in our daily work to ensure that our beautiful planet remains liveable for future generations. In addition, targets and measures are defined on how we continuously improve our environmental performance,‚ explains hollu Managing Director Simon Meinschad. The renewed EMAS validation was carried out by an external environmental auditor from Quality Austria at the hollu main site in Zirl and in the branches in Feldkirch, Neumarkt, Linz, Spittal, Graz and Vienna.


Ecological product line and 100 % hollu green electricity!
As an integral part of the hollu DNA, sustainability runs like a green thread through all levels of the family business: from the selection of raw materials and recipe development to local production in Zirl and sensibly planned delivery routes and recycling. What does sustainability mean in concrete terms in hollu’s everyday life? For example, hollu Research & Development develops recipes that are harmless to health and the environment and do not contain microplastics or are made from recycled raw materials. hollu uses resources sparingly and is constantly optimising its consumption here. For example, production wastewater is reused to clean the plants and empty containers are automatically collected from the customer and reprocessed. And with the new building currently under construction at the main site in Zirl, hollu is focusing on the latest standards, even more energy efficiency and its own green electricity from the 4,000 m2 photovoltaic system on the roof.


The current, freshly validated environmental statement can be found at verantwortung.hollu.com (in German only).


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