Jeannette Ziemeck

Production Manager, Green Film Consultant  | Owner Tantetiger Productions

How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

It all started with a temporary job in a movie theater – I made myself two years older because I wasn’t 18 yet and really wanted to work at the same time as doing my A-levels – the big screen in the movie theater behind me and I was tearing off tickets between chips, sweets, popcorn and ice cream. 

I worked every weekday for 2 years and studied for my A-levels during the „movie breaks“. (I can still memorize Oedipussi to this day 😊 )

After leaving school (yes, I’m „Piefke“), I trained as a dressmaker because I wanted to become a costume designer.

Thanks to my lack of drawing talent – but for me a surprising talent for numbers (everyone in my family is a banker, I definitely didn’t want to do that!) – I ended up as an intern in a wonderful advertising film production company.

I not only have my mentor (Birgit <3 ) to thank for my UCLA studies knowledge – I also got a lot of input in a short space of time. I soaked it all up like a sponge and for the first time in my professional life I thought: I won’t be bored after a week 😉

All the threads come together in production, there is a lot to research, a lot to learn, a wide variety of activities to carry out – whether as a Christmas angel „Stand In“ or searching for locations in empty industrial halls in the Ruhr area – back then still photographed with a compass and in film in black and white or writing chopsticks or finding round popcorn tubs as props in all the cinemas at night before shooting in Düsseldorf or or or or – wonderful!

What distinguishes Tirol as a film region for you?

The nature, the people, the clarity. I’m sure that the Rhinelander and the Tyrolean have common roots: here you look each other in the eye and make a deal – it’s the quality of the handshake that counts.  

Whether authorities, crew, mayors, fire departments, clubs, hotels, tourism associations, police, pipapo – people help each other. And such clear honesty – you can ask anything and the answer is irrefutable: a clear yes or no – nothing in between, as is common further east in Austria or in many places in Germany. 

And of course the easy accessibility of incredible mountain worlds – almost to the summit by car. As well as very urban and modern locations in Innsbruck.

We are curious: Tell us your favourite location in Tirol!

There are so many beautiful places in Tyrol – my private location would be Lake Zirein.

Locations are so varied and easy to find – whether in Innsbruck urban locations from the O-Dorf to the Lady-O or alpine pastures, huts, lakes, roads in all valleys.

And now: 
The stage is yours! Please introduce yourselves and your field of activity..

As a freelance production manager, I have been calculating, planning, organizing and supervising various advertising, TV and cinema film projects for 30 years (such as the novel adaptation „A Whole Life“, which is currently in the cinema, or the Tyrolean country thrillers). I also supervise projects in post-production after filming has finished, which involves additional training.

As a green film consultant, it is also particularly important to me to design and implement film projects in a more sustainable way. There are so many opportunities to make processes more CO2 neutral for the benefit of everyone – especially in Tyrol.

In addition to green filming, the next generation is particularly important to me, because that is our future and I am happy to support them wherever I can.

All in all, I have the most varied job in the world and I am very grateful for it.


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