Florian Gebhardt

As the producer of "SOKO Kitzbühel" he acts from deep conviction and wants to make a valuable contribution to maintaining a clean environment.


Gebhardt goes green – What were your motives for producing the successful TV crime series „SOKO Kitzbühel“ as the first Austrian series green?

The Soko Kitzbühel plays at one of the most beautiful locations in Austria. Pure nature wherever you look. When we took over the series 4 years ago, we had the opportunity to enter with a fresh view. The idea of environmental protection and sustainability was quickly in focus. We wanted to use the publicity of the successful format and create a role model effect with a multiplier effect with the Green Producing Award; for the film industry but also for viewers and consumers. The broader the topic is transported, the more naturally it will become part of the everyday life of many people.

„SOKO Kitzbühel“ goes Green Producing – What challenges did you have to face in this green production and how were you able to manage them?

We were able to build on a good basis in Kitzbühel. Beo Film (note: Beo Film developed and built the Soko Kitzbühel) had already laid solid cornerstones here with common sense: e.g. a well-stocked costume and equipment pool and carpools. We have also analysed all production processes with all department heads. We got everyone on board and were able to get them excited about the further development towards a green production process. We took half of the shooting time to put all the necessary measures into action. And from then on it worked as if we had never produced in any other way. The new self-image has prevailed and, via life on set, has also spread into the private lives of our employees.

Sustainable, resource-saving and healthy working – What green measures were implemented during the shooting of „SOKO Kitzbühel“ in Tirol?

The list of measures is long. The set is plastic-free and we have stopped using disposable tableware in catering. Furthermore, only regional and organic food is used. All cleaning products, office supplies, hygiene products, make-up materials carry an environmental compatibility label. All toy vehicles and some production vehicles have been converted to hybrid drive. Our light hire company Dopplinger has had a new low-noise and low-emission power generator built for use on the Soko Kitzbühel set. We work closely with local businesses to source services. There is strict waste separation on the set and in the office. All employees and suppliers who are directly or indirectly connected to us have been made aware of our environmental concerns in discussions. In the office and partly on the set we switched to LED lighting, in the office with motion detector. The transfer of the film material from the set to the editing suite is largely digital and online. The messenger trips were reduced from daily to weekly. We use second-hand products in the costume and prop pool. Selected costumes and props are donated to charitable institutions. The list could be extended by many more details. Once you start to sharpen your eye, the rest happens almost automatically.

Green Filming in Tirol – What chances and opportunities do you see in connection with Green Filming for Tyrolean companies and the Filmland Tirol??

Green Filming is not a gimmick, not a trend that is replaced by another. Green Filming is a sustainable working method that has to be learned and is becoming standard for more and more productions. Sky, for example, already requires all producers of Sky Original series to produce them according to the green producing guidelines. The better the infrastructure of the companies directly and indirectly associated with the film industry is adapted to this, the more attractive the production location is for broadcasters/platforms and production companies. Moreover, there is no end to the borders with neighbouring countries. With targeted investments, the supply industry can also offer its services and know-how in neighbouring countries. If you are clever, you can quickly create a unique selling point.

From film producer to film producer – Your green hint!

Talking and preparing. If you get to grips with green producing’s procedures in good time before production and involve your head of departments, implementation is not a major challenge. In the end you are healthier and have left behind an entertaining film work as well as a contribution to the preservation of the environment. It doesn’t get any better than that.



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