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The Climate Alliance Tirol is committed to environmentally friendly mobility, a sustainable lifestyle and a world that is adapted to the climate.


Climate protection is important. And not just since yesterday – Please tell us more about the Climate Alliance.

The Climate Alliance is an association of municipalities that are committed to climate protection. Together with businesses and schools, Climate Alliance communities are taking steps towards a sustainable future. As the Climate Alliance team, we support them in this process with versatile advice and awareness-raising campaigns.


Think globally, act locally – Already 65 Tyrolean Climate Alliance municipalities have anchored the idea of sustainability at municipal level. Can you give us some outstanding examples of measures that have been implemented?

Schwaz was the first Climate Alliance municipality in Tirol. For 30 years, the city has been doing great climate protection work: from the first city bus network, to socially fair municipal procurement, to the currently planned cycle path network with the surrounding municipalities. But our youngest member, Serfaus, is also doing pioneering work: the municipal council is being advised by a climate protection team made up of a wide variety of people – from the primary school headmaster to the cable car operator. All future topics are examined for their climate relevance.


Together on the journey to a sustainable future – How to become a Climate Alliance business and what needs to be taken into account?

At the moment there are 50 Climate Alliance businesses in Tirol, and the number is growing rapidly. A prospective Climate Alliance business does a climate check with us. All relevant topics – from energy and mobility to procurement and communication – are examined and a status quo is determined. Based on this, we help the company to formulate climate goals for the coming years, for example job bikes for the team or the switch to renewable energies.


Green Filming in Tirol – What opportunities and possibilities do you see in connection with Green Filming for Tyrolean (Climate Alliance) businesses?

In our network we now have many tourism businesses that are committed to a sustainable Tirol and thus also make Tirol attractive as a green filming location. I also see a strong lever in our partners from Green Events Tirol: Many Tyrolean catering companies and event centres have specialised in green events and can, for example, provide a tailor-made, sustainable offer for filming.


Your vision: A world in which climate protection is a matter of course, in which resources are fairly distributed and in which all people live in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner – Your tip(s) for achieving your goal!

The core of the international Climate Alliance is a partnership with indigenous organisations in the Amazon region. The Climate Alliance communities support them in their important work: the preservation of the rainforest. For us, the key to a sustainable future is quite clear: it only works in the interaction of many forces. Whether through international partnerships, commitment at community level or at each and every individual’s home – climate protection is teamwork.



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