Martha Schultz

The personal commitment and love of doing can be felt in all projects - from the vegan cosmetic line MAGDALENA'S made in Tyrol to the car-free Gradonna****s Mountain Resort.

Ecologically best possible sustainability, regional specialities and Tyrolean cosmetics that get under your skin – what were your motives for placing your companies under the aspects of sustainability and resource-saving handling?

Nature is the most important asset we have. We are guests in nature and we should behave that way. It was therefore a logical conclusion for us to say that we are consistently developing our companies, step by step, in the best possible way – even if this clearly cannot happen overnight. With our own, vegan cosmetic line MAGDALENA’S made in Tyrol, we rely on the power of nature, producing in a factory in Tyrol – this saves transport routes. At the car-free Gradonna****s Mountain Resort, for example, we rely on a ’smart‘ energy supply – such as CO2-neutral bio-heat from our own wood chip plant.

Sustainable, resource-efficient and healthy working and living – what sustainable measures are implemented by your companies?

Here I could add more measures that we have already implemented. What is crucial in our efforts, however, is that we consider in our planning whether and how we could act more sustainably.

Give visions a space – Are there already other sustainable ideas that you would like to implement in the future? Can you tell us at least one of them?

In accordance with the new COVID-19 guidelines, we have changed our cleaning system in all our hotels – sustainable and 100% in accordance with hygienic requirements. Implementing sustainability in the company is always a process – optimising, testing, readjusting. Therefore, the next step is to go through all our departments again from the beginning and to question them again where we can do something even better.

Green Filming in Tirol – What opportunities and possibilities do you see for your company in connection with Green Filming?

Our car-free resort in Kals am Großglockner, the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort, lies like an amphitheatre at the gateway to the Hohe Tauern National Park, it is embedded in nature. It inspires, gives room for visions and it is a unique place of power and setting.

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur – your ‚green‘ hint!

Stick to ideas and visions and constantly work on and optimise them. And always thinking in terms of generations: What we do today influences the future of our children or grandchildren.


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