Organic as corporate philosophy

The BIO Hotel Leutascherhof is one of the first climate-neutral hotels in Tirol. Sustainability plays a major role for the Wandl family, both in the hotel itself and in the surrounding area.


Whether hotel furnishings, food or nature projects – climate protection is a top priority at the Leutascherhof. The management and all employees live environmental awareness and offer their guests a stay in harmony with nature.


‘Organic’ inside and out
Margit and Otto Wandl reoriented their hotel many years ago: ‘Organic’ was the new motto. In 2008, their efforts finally resulted in obtaining a certificate from ‘Bio Austria’. Today, the certified organic hotel is run by daughter-in-law Eveline and son Christian Wandl. The couple is particularly committed to reducing CO2 emissions, which led to the award as a ‘climate-neutral company’ in 2019 and 2020.

The measures to achieve the goals are manifold. It starts with the hotel’s interior design, as shown by the renovation of 25 rooms with clay walls. ‘We want our guests to experience the organic philosophy both outside and inside the hotel. With the new room furnishings, they can literally feel the sustainability‘, says Christian Wandl. The fight against plastic is also part of the sustainable orientation. Soap, shower gel and shampoo at the Leutascherhof come in refillable dispensers and 100 % organic cosmetics are used. In addition, milk is only procured in returnable glass bottles. Other methods to avoid plastic are the use of alternatives to cling film and the purchase of toilet paper with paper packaging.


Regional and seasonal cuisine
The ‘organic’ idea naturally also comes into play in the kitchen. The food is 100 % certified organic and 80 % comes from Austria. The BIO Hotel Leutascherhof works primarily with regional and certified organic partners. ‘We attach great importance to the fact that our products are produced in the local region. On the one hand, this is good for us and our guests, and on the other hand, the farmers benefit through appropriate payment,’ says Wandl. In addition to regionality, the Wandl family also pays attention to seasonality. Guests can therefore look forward to fresh organic delicacies. The BIO Hotel is increasingly focusing on vegetarian and vegan menus, as doing without meat saves a lot of CO2. The careful handling of food such as dairy products and eggs and the switch to alternatives such as whole grains are further sustainable measures. This is why the hotel, as one of only 29 establishments in Austria, was awarded the ‘Grüne Haube’, which is awarded to organic hotels and organic restaurants.


Sustainable wine – enjoy and do something good at the same time
A good wine goes well with the food. In the climate-neutral hotel, the wines are of course organic. 80 % of the wines come from Austria and the remaining 20 % from European countries, as transport by plane or ship causes too high CO2 emissions. The wines themselves do not contain any toxic substances. Visitors to the hotel can choose from 120 different organic wines, with the purchase of two of the varieties on offer benefiting a good cause. For every ‘Gelber Muskateller’ and ‘Zweigelt Heideboden’ sold, five euros go to an animal protection project.


Leutschascherhof is committed to animal protection
The ‘Trees of Life’ project serves to preserve deadwood and hollow trees in the Karwendel Nature Park, as they are vital for animals such as woodpeckers and owls. They use the trees for breeding or serve as food for larvae, beetles and other insects in the bark and trunks. Without the trees, there would also be no woodpeckers and owls. For this reason, the Wandl family pays forest owners not to remove the trees for a period of 30 years. In this way, the birds’ habitat is preserved.

The Karwendel Nature Park is recommended as a hiking region in summer. The Leutascherhof offers guests hikes through the nature park, during which a wide variety of woodpecker species can be spotted in their natural habitat. ‘Supporting the nature park is a matter close to our hearts. We want to help make the region interesting for people and animals alike,’ says Eveline Wandl.


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The Biohotel Leutascherhof is a member of the Green Filming Database Marktplace Tirol. There you will find products and services from regional and sustainable Tyrolean companies that can be used for your film production.


Moreoever, the Biohotel Leutascherhof is a Tyrolean success story. Lebensraum Tirol Holding, in cooperation with its subsidiaries (Tirol Tourist Board, Standortagentur Tirol and Agrarmarketing Tirol), brings special companies, projects, initiatives and people before the curtain. What they all have in common is that they play a pioneering role and act as role models for sustainability and responsible business. They contribute to the sustainability of the Tyrolean economy, society and environment and encourage the dissemination of sustainable change concepts. You can find more success stories here (in German only).