Evergreen Prisma Breaking News

LAFC's green filming service EVERGREEN PRISMA has been nominated for the European Cultural Brand Award. Congratulations!


Out of 110 applicants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, France, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia and the Netherlands, 26 nominees for eight competition categories were selected by the top-class jury from culture, business and media.

The 40-member international jury of experts nominated the Lower Austrian Film Commission – LAFC, the film service agency of the Province of Lower Austria, for the European Cultural Brand Award in the category ‚Sustainability in the Cultural Market‘ for its unique green filming service EVERGREEN PRISMA.

EVERGREEN PRISMA, Digital Plattform, Green Film Education & Joint Network, the Green Filming Service for sustainable filmmaking is a pioneering contribution to further ecological, economic and social responsibility aiming at supporting and encouraging the film industry’s transformation towards carbon neutral production by employing a combination of a unique digital platform, a practice-oriented education program and (inter)national networking efforts as its main tools.

With its versatile network in solidarity and a jointly designed, effective bundle of measures, the LAFC has brought the green transformation to the domestic film industry, it is now in full swing. LAFC is now considered a pan-European centre of excellence for sustainable filmmaking.

Last year, the LAFC was awarded the international Makers & Shakers Award 2020 as ‚Film Commission Initiative of the Year 2020‘ for its innovative portfolio.


In addition, LAFC has set up the Green Filming Austria working group in 2020 – Cine Tirol is the first regional Film Commission to join this working group. The aim of Green Filming Austria is to support the Austrian film industry in the transition to sustainable filmmaking and thus also in the implementation of the sustainability strategies adopted by the EU as well as by federal and provincial governments.


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