Green Filming Austria

The working group Green Filming Austria was founded as a solid basis for targeted, interregional synergies between Austrian film commissions.


The LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION has set up the Green Filming Austria working group – Cine Tirol is the first regional Film Commission to join this working group.

The aim of GREEN FILMING AUSTRIA is to support the Austrian film industry in the transition to sustainable filmmaking and thus also in the implementation of the sustainability strategies adopted by the EU as well as by federal and provincial governments.

From now on, we are strengthening our cooperation, exchange and possible synergies for this future-oriented area. The Green Filming Initiative of LAFC with its unique digital platform provides the underlying foundation for this.

The spectrum of knowledge, mediation and practical implementation possibilities (such as the action guide for all film sectors, checklists and labels, the only film-specific CO₂ computer in Austria, the discussion guide with facts & figures, the comprehensive green link collection, etc.) serves as a basic instrument of the working group.

Green Filming Tirol refers to the green platform of the LAFC via appropriate links. In this way, Tirol can benefit from the knowledge of the LAFC and promptly start providing information on general and specific areas of Green Filming for Tirol in order to actively support the conversion of the domestic industry towards sustainable film making.

In addition, the Marketplace will expand the unprecedented list of links of the LAFC, which already shows many regional, national and international (service) offers.

Tirol offers great, diverse and easily accessible film locations in a (high)alpine environment – mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests, but also impressive examples of traditional and modern architecture from mountain farms to castles and palaces to chalets and cable car stations. In addition to the four distinctive seasons, five accessible glaciers allow winter filming outside the winter season. We ask you to protect the unique Tyrolean (natural) landscapes by treating them responsibly during your film production!


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