Cine Tirol Film Commission

Our services are professional, competent, fast and free of charge.

Cine Tirol Film Commission is the first contact for the realisation of feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos as well as photo shootings in Tirol.

Cine Tirol sees itself as the driving force of the film land Tirol: all activities aim to attract film productions to carry out their projects in Tirol in order to trigger positive effects in the economic, medial and film touristic sense. Furthermore, those cinematic inputs achieve an increase in publicity and popularity of the location brand Tirol.

Cine Tirol promotes the film land Tirol through marketing and communication activities as well as national and international networking events, offering all filmmakers an absolutely professional location service to find the perfect film locations in Tirol. Selected film projects can also receive support through a Production Incentive.

Moreover, the Cine Tirol Team is available for advice or assistance and is pleased to provide extensive information about the location in the heart of the Alps.


Cine Tirol Team

Sophie Fender


Location Service
Location Archive
Social Media

t +43.512.5320-284
m +43.676.88158284


Johannes Koeck

Certified Film Commissioner

Head of Cine Tirol Film Commission

t +43.512.5320-280
m +43.676.88158280


Angelika Pagitz

Certified Film Commissioner

Deputy Management
Production Incentive
Crew & Facilities

t +43.512.5320-283
m +43.676.88158283


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Cine Tirol Movie Map

The Cine Tirol Movie Map presents a selection of film projects 'made in Tirol'.