Green Film Consultant Austria

The training to become a professional Green Film Consultant is available in Austria!


The first of four training programme for Green Film Consultants Austria for Cinema & TV by Philip Gassmann in cooperation with the LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION – LAFC started in May 2021 and was successfully completed by all participants . Since then, an area in the Connective of the Evergreen Prisma has been dedicated to the portraits of the GFCA. On the one hand, it serves as a business card, both nationally and internationally, and on the other hand as an official and transparent list for funding agencies. Here you can find the individual profiles of the professional Green Film Consultants in Austria, including their contact details.


Further courses are plannes

The in-depth training includes three modules lasting several days, in which Philip Gassmann teaches the content in cooperation with LAFC and its Evergreen Prisma digital. Lecturing guests from their (inter)national green network will also be present. Between the modules, the time is used for self-study and a project work with a practical focus. Finally, there is an examination by a rotating examination committee of experts and Philip Gassmann. After passing the final exam, participants receive the Evergreen Prisma certificate and a personal portrait in the LAFC Connective area.

The further education programme is aimed specifically at professional filmmakers with many years of experience in their professions. In order to enable filmmakers in Austria to professionalise for green filming, the costs of the training modules are covered by the LAFC.

The number of participants for the interactive seminars is limited. Filmmakers with appropriate previous knowledge can contact and via email. Please include your full contact details and professional activity, including previous knowledge and training.


Standardised, reputable qualification and official recognition of the training

This Green Film Consultant training for professional filmmakers is officially recognised by international, regional and national funding bodies as well as TV broadcasters as part of their funding activities.

The underlying curriculum corresponds to the German training ‘Green Consultants Film & TV IHK’ and has been adapted to the Austrian film and TV industry with an international focus and the integration of the Evergreen Prisma. The Austrian Eco-label is also part of the LAFC network.


Professional education for the Austrian industry

The LAFC continuing education and training modules on green filming are specially tailored for professional filmmakers and are practice-oriented. With a view to serious quality assurance, the basics of green filming are taught as well as the practice of implementing the trades in everyday work is reflected, consolidated and tested. Specially oriented formats are also offered for young filmmakers.

The aim of the further education programme is to promote the implementation of sustainable productions in the film landscape transregionally, transnationally, transgenerationally and across departments.  As a centre of excellence recognised throughout Europe, the LAFC does this in a particularly forward-looking way, with a special focus on practicality. Hand in hand with the Evergreen Prisma platform, the digital interface to the knowledge spectrum of green filming, filmmakers are prepared and supported for this forward-looking field in a comprehensive and factually sound manner through the training offered by the LAFC Evergreen Prisma.


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