Andreas Kranebitter

How the brand NOT MY FAVOURITE simply makes the Innsbruck-based model agency SP-MODELS 'greener'. 


Mother Nature and her time to breathe – What motivations led you to expand your agency SP-Models with the brand NOT MY FAVOURITE?

In general, climate change and its manifold negative effects on the environment and thus also on us humans are a very present and much discussed topic in many areas today. The Fridays for Future movement with Greta Thunberg has shown very clearly that we are facing great challenges regarding our future and that there is an urgent need for action if we want to avoid the worst. In the first Lockdown March 2020, I saw how quickly things can change visibly/perceptibly if we humans change our behaviour. Smog-reduced or smog-free cities all over the world were the result. In Innsbruck, the air has probably not been as good as in spring 2020 for a long time.

And since, as we all know, each and every individual can contribute to a more respectful treatment of our environment, I also wanted to take a step in this direction with my company. Let me mention right away: it’s better if a lot of people do a little than if only a few people do a lot.


Working sustainably and saving resources – What green measures are implemented by SP-Models in general and NOT MY FAVOURITE (NMF) in particular?

At NMF, it’s simple: don’t fly, because planes are responsible for a significant proportion of CO2 and these are known to contribute very negatively to climate change.Instead, we organise travel using more environmentally friendly means of transport such as trains and buses. NMF as a brand of SP-Models, the office work naturally takes place in the same office as SP-Models, where Austrian green electricity flows from the sockets. We also consciously avoid using many printed materials as much as possible, as there are now digital alternatives.


Act Green – How do you make your models aware of sustainability? And how do you inform your customers of the topic?

The younger generation is growing up much more aware and I honestly didn’t have to educate any of my young models. Fortunately, they know all about it.

My goal, and I used the time in the first lockdown that I didn’t have before, was to communicate to the clients that we as an agency work as green as possible. If you want to produce green, you don’t want to fly a model in from overseas.

Some of our clients immediately responded to the issue, welcoming the often cheaper travel and being okay with the fact that we have less choice than other agencies, but super changeable models.

But you also have to set a certain example. For example, I only buy food from Austria as much as possible – regional and seasonal. And I only have a small wardrobe with things that were not produced cheaply but last longer. Because I’m a bad driver, I don’t own a car, but take public transport/bike. That’s also good, of course 😊


Green Filming in Tirol – What opportunities and possibilities do you see in connection with green filming for Tyrolean companies and for Tirol as a location for film and photo shoots?

Tirol offers huge potential for photo and film productions with its diverse landscape, in which the seasons are very much in evidence. Basically, it’s quite simple: if I don’t have to put a team of 20 people on different planes, but produce in Central Europe (which would be feasible for thousands of companies in the vicinity), I have already acted very advanced green.


From entrepreneur to entrepreneur – Your green tip!

Train journeys have the advantage of getting from the centre of city A to the centre of city B, they are comfortable, they are workable (with internet connection), and they are better for the environment.



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