Bringing the outdoors in

How the Tyrolean company Organoid Technologies GmbH brings nature into the interior in a sustainable and innovative way.


Beauty is temporary, they say. But the company Organoid Technologies GmbH has succeeded in capturing the delicate elegance of leaves, the rustic charm of moss and the filigree grace of flowers. And so the decorative natural surfaces can be found on walls as well as on furniture and accessories. The Tyrolean Alpine meadow has even made it to Tokyo and Dubai.

A shimmering feeling of pure summer happiness. A nostalgic reminiscence of carefree childhood days: the scent of hay awakens emotions. ‚Everyone who lives in the mountains or has at least been here before associates a feeling with the aroma of fresh hay,‘ says Alexandra Jehart. She is not only the ‚boss’s wife‚, as she laughingly calls herself, but also responsible for communication at Organoid. And with good reason. Because the enthusiasm for the products is even noticeable through the telephone line. But back to the hay. Because that’s where the company was born, so to speak.


The dream of a farm and a ‚fragrant‘ idea
Out of the city. Into the countryside. Alexandra and Martin Jehart fulfilled a long-cherished dream by buying a farm in Pitztal. While renovating the old walls, the two realised: ‚We don’t really like conventional building materials.‚ As is so often the case, the best ideas come from doing. Or rather: while turning hay. ‚What if…?‚ To cut a long story short: Yes, it worked! After some experimenting, it was clear that hay could be pressed onto panels to be used later as wall panels or table tops in the interior of the cabin.


Using nature. Preserve nature.
A lot has happened since the company was founded in 2012. The workshop first moved from the farm’s own barn to a larger hall, then five years ago Organoid found its home in the new industrial estate in Fließ. ‚We have a lot of space there for machines and storage,‚ Alexandra explains. And it also needs this space. The demand for the wallpapers, panels and textiles, which are refined here with hay, flowers, moss, but also exotic things like coffee powder or jasmine blossoms, is constantly increasing. ‚The longing for nature is growing, after all we live in a highly technological, structured world,‚ says Alexandra Jehart: ‚Our customers, i.e. interior decorators, designers, carpenters or architects, are building a bridge back to nature with our surfaces.‚ And that is close to the Jeharts‘ hearts. In cooperation with the Kaunergrat Nature Park, Organoid launched a project that makes a significant contribution to the care and preservation of valuable natural and cultural space. The wallpaper ‚Fließer Schmetterlingswiese‘ is unique. The carefully dried hay comes from unfertilised meadows that have been carefully mown by hand. ‚Our farmers harvest the hay only once and especially late in the year, so the plant seeds can mature and the stock is sustainably secured,‚ Alexandra explains. This is particularly pleasing for the 1,300 butterfly species that have found a rare refuge on the Fließ sunny slopes.


As diverse as nature itself
While the ‚Almwiesn‘ surface is the absolute customer favourite, Alexandra is particularly enthusiastic about ‚Mous hellgrian‘: ‚Not only the colour is beautiful, but also the story behind it. Our moss is more or less a residual material from the production of so-called moss walls and thus a sustainable upcycling product‚. However, another favourite, vanilla, is currently unavailable: ‚Raw material prices have gone through the roof recently and have thus become prohibitively expensive,‚ says Jehart. But fortunately there are plenty of alternatives, often right on the doorstep. Hotel Haldensee, for example, welcomes its guests at the reception with dried reeds from the lake of the same name, and the managers of Hotel Die Berge in Sölden set about collecting larch almonds themselves, which Organoid then turned into a privacy screen for the wellness area. ‚We are often surprised ourselves where and how our products are used.‚ In the meantime, mobile phone covers, spectacle frames or even coffins are finished with surfaces from Organoid. They can even be found in Dubai, Tokyo or London. In addition to the originality of the products, it is also the sustainable way of thinking that has convinced customers and juries of renowned awards over the years. In addition to the reddot award, the Tyrolean company has also received the interior innovation award, the european product design award and the green product award. The success not only proves the Jeharts and co-founder Christoph Egger right, but also spurs them on. A new machine has recently been installed to produce roll material. This makes it possible to produce more cost-efficiently and in larger quantities. To date, Organoid is the top performer on the market. ‚We have no competitors,‚ says Alexandra Jehart.


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Organoid is a member of the Green Filming Tirol database Marketplace Tirol. There you will find products and services from regional and sustainable Tyrolean companies that can be useful for your film production.


Moreover, Organoid is a Tyrolean success story. Lebensraum Tirol Holding, in cooperation with its subsidiaries (Tirol Tourist Board, Standortagentur Tirol and Agrarmarketing Tirol), brings special companies, projects, initiatives and people before the curtain. What they all have in common is that they play a pioneering role and act as role models for sustainability and responsible business. They contribute to the sustainability of the Tyrolean economy, society and environment and encourage the dissemination of sustainable change concepts. You can find more success stories here (in German only).