Dominic Kainzner

1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller and 2nd Assistant Camera/Film Loader


How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

I have always been fascinated by film in all its facets, and I bought my first SLR camera when I was 13. My desire to make photography my profession was quickly established and so I completed my apprenticeship as a professional photographer in Hall in Tirol in 2013.

In the process, the moving image began to play an increasingly important role for me and after my apprenticeship I moved directly to a video production company in Fieberbrunn. In the meantime, I also completed training at the Bavarian Academy for Television in Unterföhring in the field of camera. The idea of telling stories with pictures, from funny to deeply sad, from drama to romance, has always had a pull on me. I was particularly attracted to designing and creating images myself.


What distinguishes Tirol as film region for you?

Tirol offers an incredible variety of different locations: from steep mountain slopes and glaciers to narrow valleys and the mountain-flanked provincial capital. New panoramas emerge in every viewing direction.

Spectacular views are often easier to achieve than you think, and Tirol fulfils the prerequisites for spectacular pictures in every respect.


We are curious: Tell us your favourite location in Tirol!

The Kaisertal in Kufstein is definitely one of my favourite locations, with the Wilder Kaiser rising imposingly above the path into the valley. It’s a sight I can’t get enough of.


And now: The stage is yours! Please introduce yourself and your field of activity.

My name is Dominic Kainzner, I am 27 years old and come from Wörgl. Ever since I can remember, film and photography have played a huge role in my life.

I was determined to turn my early hobby into a profession and so I completed an apprenticeship as a professional photographer.

I was already shooting my own short films with friends, and since we really wanted to show them to many people, the Tiroler Kurzfilmfestival was born in 2013.

After my apprenticeship, my urge to tell stories with pictures grew and I went straight to a video production company where we mainly produced image and sports videos.

I also applied to the Bavarian Academy for Television in the field of camera and was able to deepen my knowledge of camera technology as part of a training programme there.

Through contacts and my motivation, I quickly made it from production driver to camera department and was able to gain my first experience on SOKO Kitzbühel. As a result, I quickly became a permanent part of this series.

From there it went on and on and I now work on various sets in Austria and Germany.

My main field of activity is the 2nd or 1st camera assistant (focus puller).


Dominic Kainzner
Flösserweg 8/4
6322 Kirchbichl
Mob.: +43 664 2245646

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