EAVE in Tirol

The EAVE Producers Workshop kicks off in Alpbach as a Green Event.

The beautiful mountain village of Alpbach is the location of the second session of the EAVE Producers Workshop 2023 from June 11-18, bringing together 55 film producers from 34 countries and 13 scriptwriters with a selection of 30 top industry experts.

We are very pleased that we have succeeded in bringing this workshop to Alpbach – in this way we can present the best side of Tirol to the international participants of this top-class event and also further strengthen and deepen our relations with the EAVE network with over 2600 producers worldwide,“ says Johannes Koeck, Head of Cine Tirol.

The workshop is hosted by the Cine Tirol Film Commission and kindly sponsored by Austrian Film Institute, Film and Music Austria, FILM in AUSTRIA and VAM – Collecting Society for Audiovisual Media Ltd.

Johannes Koeck/Head of Cine Tirol with Tina Trapp/CEO EAVE © Cine Tirol

A ‘green’ location for an ecologically responsible workshop

The workshop will take place in Congress Centrum Alpbach, an Austrian Eco-Label Green Location. The aim is to have the even EAVE Producers Workshop 2023 in Alpbach organized in accordance with the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events UZ62. more

Within the framework of the EAVE Green Policy the organisation has reviewed all its processes and practices, identified improvements, and defined concrete actions to reach its sustainability goals. These actions will affect the daily operations of its staff, the pedagogical team and guest experts, as well as workshop participants; it also will have an impact on the choice of EAVE’s providers such as hotels and restaurants as well as event destinations.

Workshop sessions & experts

Some highlights of the week include:

  • Innovative Leadership & Company Sustainability by Luana Lobo & Mariana Oliva (Maria Farinha Filmes, BR)
  • Producing Series in a Changing Industry by Nadine Marsh-Edwards (Greenacre Films, UK) and Lucas Schmidt (Studio Zentral, DE)
  • Working with Investors by Jean des Forêts (Petit Film, FR) and Strategic Recoupment by Peter Bille Krogh (European Collection Agency, DK)
  • Arash T. Riahi Golden Girls Filmproduktion) will explore with the participating producers the Challenges of Working with Talent (& how to solve them), while the attending scriptwriters attend simultaneously the session Kill Your Babies – The art of getting feedback & staying sane by Victoria Gilbert (UK)

The participants will be given feedback on their finance plans in Financing Plan Brainstorms, with contributions by a panel of industry leaders with diverse areas of expertise: Salma Abdalla (Autlook Filmsales, AT), Jean des Forêts (Petit Film, FR), Petri Kemppinen (P1 Kemppinen, FI), EAVE President of the Board Danny Krausz (DOR Film, AT), Peter Bille Krogh (European Collection Agency, DK), Vicky Miha (asterisk*, GR), Nicola Ofoego (Oku-Tiné, UK) and Lucas Schmidt (Studio Zentral, DE).

Participants focusing on career development will discuss their companies and careers in dedicated group sessions guided by Petri Kemppinen (P1 Kemppinen, FI).

Other sessions include Digital Marketing by EAVE Marketing Expert Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency, ES), Legal Aspects of Co-production by EAVE Legal Expert Pierre-Emmanuel Mouthuy (Mouthuy Avocats, BE), as well as The Stress Challenge and Lobbying Strategies by EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Films, DK).

Spotlight on Coproduction with Austria

Austria has recently been stepping up its game in the film and TV sector in a major way when it comes to international coproduction. The possibilities of Producing with Austria will be presented in a special session by Markus Deutsch (Film and Music Austria, AT), EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu (Film and Music Austria / Amour Fou, AT) and Katrin Fürnkranz (HQ7 Studios, AT) and include information about the latest tax incentives and the green bonus.

Some 35 producers from Austria (and the neighboring region of Alto Adige) will join the EAVE group for several sessions and networking. In addition, the local producers will benefit from tailor-made sessions on European Financing Sources by EAVE graduate Vicky Miha (asterisk*, GR), Pitching & How to Present your Project by EAVE Pitching Expert Sibylle Kurz and Overview of European Co-production markets by EAVE graduate Martina Bleis (Berlinale Coproduction Market, DE) and Salma Abdalla (Autlook Filmsales, AT).

The module “Producing with Austria“ at the workshop is made possible by Film and Music Austria, FILM in AUSTRIA, Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Austria and IDM Film Commission.

EAVE’s 2023 pedagogical core team includes EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense-Møller (Magic Hour Films, DK), the four group leaders Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama, HR), Michael Kitzberger (NGF Geyrhalterfilm, AT), Riina Sildos (Amrion, EE) and Jani Thiltges (Samsa Film, LU); the script consultants Jacques Akchoti (FR), Clare Downs (UK), Nayeem Mahbub (SE), TV series consultant Esther Springer (Creators Inc, UK), and documentary expert Sylvia Stevens (Faction Films, UK).

They are supported by the specialized experts for Pitching: Sibylle Kurz (DE), Marketing: Sarah Calderon (The Film Agency, ES) & Nicola Ofoego (Oku-Tiné, UK), and Legal Issues: Pierre-Emmanuel Mouthuy (Mouthuy Avocats, BE).

EAVE is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme of the European Union, Film Fund Luxembourg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, Fondo Audiovisivo Friuli Venezia Giulia, PACT – the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television, Doha Film Institute, Telefilm Canada, SODEC, IDM Südtirol Alto Adige, Fonds Jeune Création Francophone, Projeto Paradiso, TRT – Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, Berlinale Co-Production Market and the partners who have hosted the workshops since 1988.