Evergreen Prisma – Green Filming at a glance

In addition to numerous measures, the comprehensive Green Guide also shows many practical ways to produce films in a more environmentally friendly way.


In the film industry, there are already various sustainable approaches that can have an impact on the entire production chain. For example, the CO2 footprint can already be reduced by avoiding unnecessary transport, efficient waste management and the use of recyclable materials, e.g. for stage construction. In keeping with its pioneering role, the LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION (LAFC) has expanded its existing offer of a well-founded, film-specific online guide to a comprehensive, digital platform for sustainable filmmaking with the EVERGREEN PRISMA at www.lafc.at.

Already at the beginning of 2018, LAFC presented Austria’s first Green Guide with its EVERGREEN initiative. Since then, the LAFC has become the only Austrian Film Commission to specialise even further in the field of green filming and has established (inter)national networks.

In addition to the first further training courses for professional filmmakers to become Green Consultants and the transfer of knowledge for the next generation and film institutions last year, EVERGREEN PRISMA now serves the film industry as a digital interface to the sustainable knowledge spectrum.

As part of its EVERGREEN PRISMA, the LAFC organises further practice-oriented training courses for film-makers, in which know-how for the implementation of green productions is imparted together with an internationally experienced green consultant. Green communication, sustainable solutions, technical innovations as well as the advantages of green filming, such as cost savings, increased efficiency or CO2 reduction, are brought into focus.

The way into the practice of Green Filming is smoothed by competent knowledge transfer and the creation of synergies, also in Austria.

The EVERGREEN PRISMA reflects the colourful spectrum of sustainable film making. Six central chapters contain valuable knowledge for practical application: the spectrum ranges from a catalogue of measures with corresponding links, checklists and, in brief, a film-specific CO2 calculator for practical application (Tools), to further training offers and events (Transfer), cooperation initiatives and network maintenance of the LAFC (Spotlight and Connective), an overview of green incentive models and best practice examples (Panorama), and a factually sound discussion guide (Pool).

With its new sections, the Green Guide of the LAFC encourages a motivated exchange on the now highly topical subject, which is becoming increasingly important for the European film funding landscape. Further information on the LAFC Green Guide can be found here.

LAFC was  nominated at the 15th European Cultural Brand Awards for its innovative green filming initiative EVERGREEN PRISMA for the prize in the new category ‚Sustainability in the Cultural Market‚.

In addition, since January 1st, 2017 it has been possible for a film production to be awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel if it saves resources and sets climate-friendly measures. The focus is on transport, waste and catering. This Ecolabel Directive for Green Producing is issued by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.


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