Green Film & TV Consultant Europe

First as profound as practice-oriented training in Europe.

The proven synergy of the competence center EVERGREEN PRISMA and GREENFILMTOOLS by Philip Gassmann brings out the first practice-oriented training as GREEN FILM & TV CONSULTANT EUROPE – GFCEU.

Pioneering work. In 2023, the new and long-needed further training format will be in the joint portfolio, and in the course of the year there will offered the first modules of the complex training to become a professional Green Film & TV Consultant Europe.

This training format is aimed specifically at professional filmmakers with years of experience in their profession. Filmmakers with the appropriate prior knowledge can email and For all inquiries, the LAFC asks that you provide complete contact details as well as your professional activity, including previous knowledge and educational background.

The LAFC is pleased that the training offer is becoming more and more varied. The focus is clearly on practical relevance and interaction, because they are concerned with conveying targeted (self-)efficacy for a climate-neutral film industry. The green future is now and it is international. Therefore, they are also constantly developing the educational program of the Evergreen Prisma Academy together with Philip Gassmann. The trainings remain not only up to date, but also conveys current tendencies and developments at home and abroad in a very fluid way.

Together with Philip Gassmann, they strengthen and stand for a high standard of quality, fruitful proximity to the industry and a connecting, international orientation. Not only by maintaining and expanding the serious, green network, but also by always including the latest.

Therefore, the Evergreen Prisma Certificate is exactly what it is: the certificate from the public service center LAFC, the competence center for green filming, recognized throughout Europe and an active member in the relevant think tanks.

On the subject of broadcasters and increasing green policies: the LAFC has deliberately included the topic of international co-production in their outreach work right from the start. They are already helping to shape the freestyle of the near future – transnational, green filmmaking – for the Green Film Consultants.

They build bridges to other training centers and associations, together with the link and originator of the training courses in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Philip Gassmann, including the Evergreen Prisma with its colorful Toolbox, which is of essential interest to all professionals. Now, the LAFC is setting up the special program for Green Film & TV Consultancy Europe. And the bridges to other countries and to the EU.

The great success of the previous training courses shows that the LAFC is on the right track. And from there they go on.

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