Katharina Schnelting

Costume Designer


How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in the Kellertheater in Innsbruck. Later, in Vienna, I came into film via the theatre . The main reason for going into the costume department was that you can combine an interest in fashion in general with history and the expression behind clothing.


What distinguishes Tirol as film region for you?

Definitely the incredible landscape and all the secrets that can be discovered behind the scenes through it. It is rough and gentle at the same time.


We are curious: Tell us you favourite location in Tirol!

But I’m not sure – in any case, I’m always thrilled by the unbelievable peace and quiet when Tirol is covered with snow.


And now: The stage is yours! Please introduce yourself and your field of activity.

I have been working as a costume designer since 1999, after years as a dresser and assistant for commercials, series and feature films.

I have worked on everything from chamber plays to series, thrillers and children’s films, historical and contemporary projects as well as many genres, and I am always excited and thrilled to study people and dress them accordingly. There is nothing more beautiful when, at the end of a shooting period, play, image and sound come together to form a whole.


Here is a small selection of the last few years for your orientation:

  • 2009: Weil sie böse sind/Regie Florian Schwarz
  • 2011: Der Tote im Nachtzug/Regie Lars Krause
  • 2012: Der Schlussmacher/Regie Matthias Schweighöfer
  • 2013: Im Schmerz geboren/Regie Florian Schwarz
  • 2015: Morgen hör ich auf/Regie Martin Eigler
  • 2016: Nur Gott kann mich richten/Regie Özgür Yildirim
  • 2017: Der Zauberlehrling/Regie Frank Stoje
  • 2019: 4 Blocks/Regie Özgür Yildirim
  • 2020: Freunde/Regie Rick Ostermann
  • 2021: Sayonara Loreley/Regie Wolfgang Murnberger
  • 2022: Skatergirlz/Regie Lea Becker



Katharina Schnelting
Colingasse 9
6020 Innsbruck
Cell: +49 174 9157133
Mail: katharannamo@aol.com

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