MPREIS focuses on increased placement of ‚Qualität Tirol‘ products

High-quality secondary placement counters have recently been used to strengthen sales of 'Qualität Tirol' and 'BIO vom BERG' products at the point of sale in over 30 MPREIS shops throughout Tirol.


Sales promotion at the Point of Sale
Getting a secondary placement in the food trade is not a matter of course. We are all the more pleased that MPREIS is sending out a strong signal for the sale of regional products with the introduction of the ‚Qualität Tirol‘ secondary placement counters and is strengthening the sales promotion of local food at the Point of Sale‘, says Matthias Pöschl, Managing Director of Agrarmarketing Tirol. ‚The counters produced in Tirol are stocked with regional products with the ‚Qualität Tirol‘ seal of quality. This guarantees better visibility as well as easier availability of these high-quality foodstuffs. In addition to the ongoing occupancy of the shelves, the secondary placement of our ‚BIO vom BERG‘ and ‚Qualität Tirol‘ products gives them a clear competitive advantage‚, reports Bioalpin chairman Heinz Gstir.


MPREIS focuses on regionality
For many small farms in Tirol, MPREIS is an important buyer of their products. Our long-standing partnerships are based on experience and trust. For the customers, this means above all that they can find many things in the supermarket that are otherwise only available at the farm. I am pleased that with the installation of the combination counters we can make another important contribution to the promotion of regional products. Often it is simple, small ideas that highlight regional foods in particular, generating additional revenue that directly strengthens the regional economy and helps to achieve fair prices for farmers,‘ says Alexander Jeschow of MPREIS.


The combination counters
In the first step, a total of 60 counters were built and distributed to 30 MPREIS locations throughout Tirol. One counter in each location is used for the presentation of dry goods such as honey or crispbread, the second counter is a refrigerated counter and thus also allows the placement of fresh products such as milk, cheese and sausage specialities‚, explains AMTirol CEO Matthias Pöschl.

The second placement counters were financed by Lebensraum Tirol Holding and Bioalpin in order to promote regional cycles and the sale of local products. Regionality is not just a fashionable word for us, but a mission we take seriously‚, Josef Margreiter, CEO of Lebensraum Tirol Holding, emphasises in conclusion.


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