Tyrolean Superfood

Quinoa, goji, avocado or chia are becoming increasingly popular. But you don't have to travel halfway around the world to get such power sources.


Right on our doorstep, in the beautiful Tirol, you can find real, regional superfood.

Tirol’s dieticians and health experts confirm that some Tyrolean foods are genuine Tyrolean superfoods. Dietician and nutrition expert Karin Ratschiller from Ernährungscoaching Tirol has presented us with those local sources of strength that are undoubtedly Tyrolean alternatives to the „global superfood“.

Instead of quinoa, you can use Tyrolean buckwheat or Obernberger black oats, but also millet for a change. They provide the same protein content as quinoa.

The Tyrolean alternative to the famous chia seeds are the local flax seeds, because they also contain many valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

While goji berries originate from Asia and therefore have to be imported, Tirol’s nature provides us with delicious blueberries and redcurrants. As true vitamin C boosters, they are in no way less nutritious than goji berries. Sea buckthorn juice, which is also available in our region, strengthens our health with lots of vitamin C.

Avocado is also very popular. It appears in almost every superfood bowl and is loved and praised. But who thinks of the walnuts available in Tirol as an alternative? Just five to six walnuts in combination with some rapeseed oil, which can be used for cooking, provide as much omega-3 fatty acids as an avocado.

Last but not least, don’t forget the local vegetables as a delicious superfood. Salads, beets, tubers, legumes and many more provide valuable nutrients, many vitamins and are central elements of a healthy diet. That’s why local vegetables, as the best Tyrolean superfood, should be on every plate every day.

Real superfood does not have to travel halfway around the world, it is available in Tirol. With Tyrolean superfood, you not only reduce your ecological footprint, but also promote local producers and support the Tyrolean (agricultural) economy.

Valuable ingredients, balanced nutrition, local producers – would you like to get to know the great variety of regional food from Tirol? Then take a look at the Qualität Tirol product overview!


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