2020 was another year of cycling with the Stadtrad Innsbruck

Since its introduction in 2014, more and more users have been using the Stadtrad - in 2020, 87,594 people rented it, despite the forced break caused by Corona.


With the Stadtrad, you can always be flexible, safe and environmentally conscious. The number of people using the bike has risen continuously since the beginning. In the first year there were around 9,500 rentals, in 2015 already 22,200 and last year 80,656 rentals. This means the second strongest year since the start, despite a Corona-related break of around 4 weeks at the end of March. In 2020, the most city bikes were rented in July – a total of 11,896 times. The weekdays with the most rentals were Tuesday and Wednesday.

A look at the annual statistics for 2020 also reveals the most frequented Stadtrad stations: The main station, Schöpfstraße/Clinic, Technology and the station at the Marktplatz are among the top 4. On average, users spend up to 30 minutes on the road with the bikes, and most of that between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and of course also in the morning. A total of about 3,000 customers are on the bike with the advantage tariff, with which the Stadtrad can be used daily without incurring further costs for the first half hour.

In addition, the rental bike station at SOWI was expanded in 2020 and a new one at the provincial court was put into operation. In the coming weeks, a new rental bike station will be put into operation at the ‚Vögelebichl‘ stop.


On the road in winter time

By the way, you can also use the Stadtrad in winter. The bikes are serviced daily. During the cold season, special care is taken to ensure that the brakes and lights work properly. Currently, 260 bikes are available at 43 stations in the city area. In March, after the winter break, the number will be increased to 360 bikes plus 2 cargo bikes.


The most important information about the Stadtrad at a glance:

  • 260 bikes in winter – 360 bikes from spring to autumn
    43 stations
    Rent via the next-bike app or the hotline: +43 512 90 80 69
    Annual fee advantage tariff: with IVB/VVT annual, semester or SL-ticket for only € 15,- annual fee, otherwise € 25,-
    User fees for the special rate: First ½ hour per trip: € 0,-, second ½ hour per trip: € 1,-, each additional hour: € 2,-, 24 hours: € 9,-


All information can be found at stadtrad.ivb.at.


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