Bernhard Stern

Cutter/Editor and managing director of BEST Film


How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

Even as a child, I helped my father take photos in the studio and develop them in the lab. That was certainly the beginning of my passion.

When I was 19, I was offered a job as a camera assistant, working mainly for ORF. That was a very instructive, but at times also very exhausting time. I learned a lot about lighting and camera technology and a lot more. Inspired by the world behind the cameras and the many interesting people I met in and around Tirol, my passion for this profession grew.


What distinguishes Tirol als film region for you?

Tirol is so multifaceted, it simply offers everything for camera and film. From the perfect simplicity of the landscape to striking extremes. From the lonely valley to the big city. From very simple people to striking personalities. Our country offers us countless possibilities.


We are curious: Tell us your favourite location in Tirol!

It’s hard, because there are so many wonderful places in our country and I’m always discovering new ones. Sometimes you lose sight of the spectacular surroundings where you live. I’m a keen sportsman and go cycling, climbing, running and also ski touring and cross-country skiing, so you get around a lot. When I ride my bike up to the Hinterhornalm, the view from the top particularly touches me. When I’m running in the area around Mils, where I live, I keep discovering new places that I hadn’t noticed before.

One place still comes to mind: my first via ferrata – the Stuiben Falls in the Ötztal – a really very impressive place.


And now: The stage is yours! Please introduce yourself and your field of activity.

After my time as a camera assistant, I worked as a picture master, graphic designer, SNG operator (satellite reporting) and above all as a cutter/editor. From the latter activity, my vocation has increasingly crystallised. Today I work as a freelance editor in my own office in the heart of Innsbruck.

In this field, among other things and especially at the beginning, you need a lot of sense of order: the usually very extensive film material has to be pre-sorted as it becomes more and more extensive. In addition to high-resolution 4K and 6K recordings, there is also material from drones or action cams and various other film formats.

Only then do you start with the actual film (TV documentary, an image film, TV reports or similar).

You try to tell a story with the material you have. It’s a multi-faceted process and always exciting to see what actually comes out in the end. Sometimes the storyboard works, but you can’t always build on it. Sometimes you have to go in a different direction in terms of content and design and rework everything.

As a cutter, I often work in a team with editors and directors. In doing so, I can incorporate my experience and ideas as an cutter. Sounds and music also play a particularly important role for me.

It’s just great, creative and fulfilling work.

At the moment I’m editing a lot for ‚Land der Berge‘, i.e. longer ORF documentaries, but also smaller films, news, image films, sport stories etc.


Bernhard Stern
Tschamlerstraße 10
6020 Innsbruck
Mob.: +43 664 5185323