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Austria's first filmspecific carbon calculator is now provided free of charge by the Lower Austrian Film Commission - LAFC.


This carbon calculator commissioned by the LAFC was specially geared to the needs of Austrian film productions. The handling is simple. The carbon values refer to Austrian calculation factors, in order to obtain correct results representative for productions made in Austria.

The LAFC’s free-of-charge filmspecific carbon calculator helps you determining the carbon footprint of each department involved in a film or TV production. Current carbon emissions caused by power, heating, mobility, the team’s accommodation, catering and production design or scenery construction will be recorded.

Any activity related to the production process may be recorded as target data during the planning stage and as actual data after shooting has been completed. These data can be combined in a final report comparing target and actual data. A project file is created and named according to the production title. An index of all charts is set up with tabs for each department/sector. The sector and the corresponding subcategories can be changed, amended or added to at your convenience.

The key data for all projects planned by the different sectors/trades during all stages of production (pre-production, shooting, post-production and exploitation) based on the budget are entered into the carbon calculator:

  • Production Design including technical equipment, scenery construction, costume, props, locations
  • Film- and TV-studio (power, heating)
  • Catering including food and crockery/cutlery
  • Travels and transports including flights, transport journeys, overnight stays
  • Post-production including image, sound etc.
  • General expenses/production office including office supplies, office premises incl. power demand

Construction projects and purchases calculated for production design, for instance, are entered with the corresponding budgetary amount. Details concerning material, size, and quantity are filled in at the relevant category of the drop down pick list. For calculating the carbon emission of locations the calculator records its size and the length of lease as well as the heating system and the type of electricity used.

The film-adapted calculator converts the data into CO₂ emission values. The result reflects the total GHG emissions within the individual departments and can be saved in tables as well as in visualisation graphics as a PDF file. Clicking on the ‚Grafik‘ button provides an overview of the distribution of GHG emissions by sector in CO₂e [kg].

The first Austrian carbon calculator for film projects is now available free of charge through the LAFC. It was developed with the support of MFG and KlimAktiv. The LAFC’s terms of use and registration apply to the use of the carbon calculator.


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