For the love of the region and the country

According to #supportyourlocals, the Herzregion Kitzbüheler Alpen offers a comprehensive overview of local businesses. At the same time regional businesses can be supported. 


Founded by Kitzbühel native Oliver Allmoslechner in 2016/17, Herzregion sees itself as a local experience platform. Its goal is to digitise the beautiful region of Kitzbühel and to support regional businesses in the area of online marketing. This also includes making regional traders, restaurateurs and hoteliers fit for the future with a professional online presence.

Herzregion offers a holistic concept that meets all these requirements. Entrepreneurs increase their online reach and increase the number of contact points with customers. The aim is to bring customers from the region back to local businesses in order to stop the extinction of smaller local businesses. After all, they are what make the region around Kitzbühel what it is – a region with heart (Herzregion).

Herzregion offers local companies the opportunity to present themselves online and to advertise their products and services as well as to sell directly via the platform. An attractive online presence is created for companies listed there, which offers them the opportunity to find new employees, to present offers and events, and each partner is also promoted on the Herzregion social media channels. In this way, the companies not only achieve a higher reach quickly and easily, but also increase the group of their potential customers.

In this way, small and medium-sized enterprises can not only build up a second business pillar, but are also prepared for crisis situations in the future and have the necessary tools at hand to be able to present themselves alongside the well-known online giants. The ‚Sellanizer‘ is also available for the shop on Herzregion. The Sellanizer is a progressive web app and enables online sales without an online shop. It is cheaper than a standard online shop and easy to use for everyone.

On the other hand, customers also get new opportunities: The platform offers a comprehensive overview of local businesses and at the same time regional businesses can be supported. To become part of the Herzregion, entrepreneurs can choose between different packages and simply book them online at Afterwards, the entry can be booked either by oneself or via the investment service. For the latter, the Herzregion team takes care of the work and publishes the entrepreneur’s profile after consultation with the entrepreneur.

In the future, the Herzregion network is to be expanded in Austria and Herzregionen are to be established in the entire German-speaking region. This means that the Herzregion would like to gather a large number of local retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and entrepreneurs regionally and offer them the opportunity to present themselves digitally in addition to their stationary shop. Even beyond the borders of Kitzbühel and Austria, the Herzregion would like to ensure that both the local and the digital shopping experience merge and yet the regional connection to the retailers is not lost. The concept is currently being transported to Germany, where it is hoped that the first Herzregion will soon be launched.


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