New incentive model for Austria as a film location

A new incentive system for all film productions is to come into force on January 1st, 2023, which will strengthen Austria in the competition between European locations.


Incentive systems play an essential role in the increasingly globalised and competitive film sector. They provide financing components for the producing companies and are decisive factors in the question of where productions are handled. Numerous European states therefore use corresponding incentives as strategic instruments to increase value creation locally, attract film investments from abroad, create qualified jobs and sustainably build up production infrastructure and digital expertise in an essential growth field of the cultural and creative industries.

The lack of an effective instrument to increase value creation in Austria, to attract foreign productions and to create qualified jobs has so far led to an outflow of productions to neighbouring countries and thus to the loss of value creation, know-how and skilled workers at home.

The resolution on the Film Location Act and the amendments to the Film Subsidies Act and the KommAustria Act are now intended to ensure the sustainable strengthening of Austria as a film location. The new incentive system for all film productions will come into force on January 1st, 2023.

In order to be as attractive as possible for international productions and to ensure maximum planning security for domestic productions, the subsidies will be implemented in all sectors without a budgetary cap. The model provides for an automatically awarded and non-repayable grant of up to 35 % of the expenses incurred in Austria in the context of film productions on the basis of a catalogue of criteria, 5% of which is for the consideration of climate-friendly criteria. The maximum amount of the subsidy is 5 million euros per film and 7.5 million euros for series. For the first time, streaming productions are also supported.


The film incentive model is built on three pillars::

International Service Productions (FISAplus)
Grants for international, non-Austrian productions (streaming, cinema, TV) and production parts (such as post-production, music recordings, VFX) are handled by aws. Eligible to apply are independent production service companies based in Austria that have been commissioned to produce a film or a production part (service processing).

Austrian television and streaming productions (FISAplus, television productions in coordination with RTR)
Grants for Austrian productions not commissioned by broadcasters or video-on-demand services for television, streaming and virtual reality above a total budget of 1.8 million are also handled by aws. Eligible to apply are their independent producers (production companies) based in Austria. Productions below the budget limits remain in the Television Fund as before.

Austrian cinema films (ÖFI+)
Grants for Austrian, independently produced films for their first theatrical release as well as international co-productions of equal value are handled by the Austrian Film Institute. Eligible to apply are their independent producers (production companies) based in Austria. The grant replaces the cinema film subsidies previously awarded by FISA. The Austrian cinema film thus receives a one-stop shop instead of having to rely on various federal funding agencies (ÖFI, FISA).


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Available for download: Fact Sheet FISA+