Organic quality for breakfast

BIO vom BERG, BIO AUSTRIA and EUROGAST GRISSEMANN are launching a promising cooperation in the Tyrolean hotel sector.


From now on, the hotels have the possibility to offer their guests original Tyrolean organic products, produced by local farmers. The social awareness for regional enjoyment and sustainable consumption has been increasing not only since Corona. Those who consistently pay attention to origin and processing in everyday life are also reluctant to cut back on their holidays. The new BIO vom BERG breakfast now enriches the existing offer.

Milk, yoghurt, cheese, sausages, bread, eggs, apple juice… The range of Tyrolean BIO vom BERG breakfast products is wide-ranging and can satisfy almost every taste. The special feature of the range, which was developed in cooperation between BIO vom BERG, BIO AUSTRIA Tyrol and EUROGAST GRISSEMANN, is the variety and the exceptionally high quality of the products. With the BIO AUSTRIA quality, which goes beyond the guidelines of the EU organic regulation and includes topics such as climate protection, biodiversity, animal welfare and social standards, the owner of the hotel can make the guest an honest offer from the region and at the same time position himself among competitors as a forward thinker. By marketing local products, not only does the added value remain in the own country, but also organic farming structures and thus landscape conservation receive active support. Without the latter, leisure and tourism as we know them would be unthinkable in the mountains.


From the Tyrolean mountains to the guests‘ breakfast table
EUROGAST GRISSEMANN in Zams is an indispensable partner in the implementation of this innovative project. Managing Director Thomas Walser was happy to be on board from the beginning, because regionality has long been a trend in gastronomy that both guests and owners demand. ‚The combination of regional and organic is still something special,‘ explains Walser. Grissemann is still supplying the upscale gastronomy sector with the new range, but Walser is optimistic about the future: ‚The more we sell, the cheaper the products will become and thus more accessible to the masses.‘


A project with future potential
Simon Wolf, organic farmer and chairman of BIO vom BERG, sees only one option in the development of the gastronomy sector: ‚The offer has to change, because the guest is also changing. Today’s consumers are interested and, above all, informed. On this basis, they also make the decision where and on what to spend money.‚ Wolf sees offers like the Tyrolean BIO vom BERG breakfast as an optimal opportunity for local hotel businesses to position themselves with a unique selling point. Even if the market is currently developing well, the chairman still sees room for improvement for organic farming in Tyrol: ‚If the farms have planning security and the guidelines and framework conditions on the part of politics are right, we could win even more members. Organic is actually already a must today anyway.


Tyrolean products on Tyrolean plates
Maximilian Gritsch, managing director of BIO AUSTRIA Tirol, sees great potential in domestic marketing: ‚Every organic product from Tirol that can be sold in Tirol helps domestic organic farming families to be able to farm well in the future‚. The Association of Austrian Organic Farmers represents organic farming in the country and goes far beyond the legal standard with its production guidelines. The BIO AUSTRIA seal – which the BIO vom BERG products also bear – thus guarantees consumers a particularly sustainable approach to nature and resources. This includes, among other things, the promotion of biodiversity and the renunciation of pesticides. BIO AUSTRIA is particularly concerned with creating a sustainable awareness for regionally and organically produced food in society. ‚In retail and tourism we have felt strong growth since Corona and we are happy if we can also gain a foothold in Tyrolean tourism with the Tyrolean BIO vom BERG breakfast,‘ emphasises Gritsch.


First Mover: Alpenresort Schwarz in Mieming
Without forward-thinking hoteliers, the success of the Tyrolean BIO vom BERG breakfast would hardly be possible. Thomas Pirktl, managing director of the Alpenresort Schwarz in Mieming, also sees this as a role model for his leading hotel: ‚For us, the BIO vom BERG breakfast is a commitment to living regionality and real sustainability‚. For the past two years, Alpenresort Schwarz has resolutely pursued the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and this sustainability concept is reflected in all areas of the company, including in the cuisine. ‚We stand for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The authentic nature of BIO vom BERG fits perfectly with our philosophy,‘ says Pirktl, underlining why it was a no-brainer that Alpenresort Schwarz would be the first partner hotel to serve the BIO vom BERG breakfast.


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Promote the BIO vom BERG breakfast together: Maximilian Gritsch/BIO AUSTRIA, Thomas Walser/Eurogast Grissemann, Thomas Pirtkl/Alpenresort Schwarz und Simon Wolf/BIOALPIN