Philip Gassmann

Producing films, TV programs, shows and events is a complex business - also for the environment. Green knowledge is the key to urgently needed change.


From green trend to necessity – What motivations led you to explore the field of sustainable filmmaking?

The topic of sustainability has preoccupied me since my youth in France in the 70s. I then came to television in 1991 and have been working as a director, writer and producer ever since. 10 years ago, it became increasingly clear to me that our industry has a huge ecological footprint and an even greater responsibility – especially in front of the camera. Since then, I’ve been involved in all aspects of green producing, and have become an expert in it and, above all, a lecturer and teacher.


Waste separation? Yes we can! – The fact that green filming is much more comprehensive is proven by platforms for sustainable filmmaking such as EVERGREEN PRISMA/Austria, the Green Film Pass/Germany, Ecoprod/France and the Green Production Guide of the American Producers Association. What can filmmakers do to approach the topic of green filming or what possibilities are there for in-depth training and further education?

It is definitely worthwhile to get deeper into this in order to learn more about all aspects and, above all, to take full advantage of the many possibilities and opportunities. With Evergreen Prisma, the LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION – LAFC offers a unique collection of information, materials and working documents that many other European countries envy. Recently, we have also joined forces to offer training as a ‚Green Consultant‘, a new profession that has already become one of the minimum standards for film productions in many guidelines, as it has simply become clear that we urgently need real experts in this area.


Think Green – What opportunities are open to filmmakers, but also to businesspeople from other industries, if they decide to pursue education and training in green filming?

Even big banks, investors and huge companies like Amazon and Netflix have realized how important the topic is. It will become one of the absolute top issues in the next few years, because climate change will occupy us massively. But there’s a shortage of experts – and not just in film. That’s why training and further education in this area is definitely a great stepping stone from which you can also develop very well into other cultural areas or further industries.


Green Filming in Tirol – What can Green Filming achieve for Tirol as a filming location?

Tirol stands for nature and an intact environment. Everyone who produces films here will understand that. That’s why it’s only logical and understandable that green filming is simply a prerequisite for the state of Tirol. If you also have the appropriate experts and service providers, it’s a total win-win situation. This can also be an exciting economic topic for your local industry, because it affects all areas: from the hotel industry, to vehicles, energy, power generators, building materials and food.


Educate me – Your green advice for filmmakers!

Absolutely join the networks and initiatives that already exist. Knowledge is the key and experience the foundation for the many exciting changes we so urgently need.



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