Elisabeth Juen

Set Manager and Assistant Director


How did you get into film? What particularly attracted you to become part of this industry?

I consciously wanted to be in film!

I don’t know exactly where this impulse came from. No one in my family is/was in film, nor were any of my acquaintances or friends.

But for some inexplicable reason, the idea of creating a film has always fascinated me. My friends and family say I’ve ‚always said I wanted to be in film‘ – I think I was around 12 years old when I established this ‚dream‘ for myself.

I always wanted to be part of this industry because I had no idea about it! It was somehow all so suspect and partly unimaginable to me and that’s exactly why it was so incredibly exciting! For me, filmmakers were always the absolute epitome of ‚coolness‘ and I always wanted to 1. learn everything about how to create a film (from the idea, to shooting, to the premiere) and 2. also be one of those ‚cool‘ people. I always wanted to have a varied job that challenges and encourages me, where I get to meet lots of different people and see beautiful places.

I remember the special moment – in 2008 in Munich on a pavement with a high-visibility waistcoat and walkie – when I was asked if I was one of those film people and I said: ‚Yes, I’m one of them!‘ I remember it like it was yesterday and I still get goosebumps thinking about it! 😊


What distinguishes Tirol as a film region for you?

The diversity of our small film country! Whether it’s a mountain shoot, an action thriller, a stylish car commercial or a fashion shoot… In Tirol you can do almost anything (except beach shots)! Within a very small radius you can find great locations and a super infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.).

And I like the ‚personal‘. You are not just another number among many. You know each other.

You work with most people as equals – whether I’m working with the police on road closures, with the fire brigade on wetdowns, with various building yards on equipment or with mayors and authorities on permits. The support is always great, people are very helpful and interested in shooting.

Communication is quick and easy (quite different from Munich, for example, where I started my film career).

For me, Filmland Tirol is a seal of quality through and through – quality in the most beautiful film locations, the passionate filmmakers, the excellent service, the top hotels & restaurants and the human interaction!


We are curious: Tell us your favourite location in Tirol!

My favourite location is the Schwarzsee in Kitzbühel. Since I have been shooting mainly in the Kitzbühel region for almost 10 years, Schwarzsee has become my personal favourite spot!

I’ve shot here a lot, but I’ve also spent a lot of free time here (after the shoot or before a night shoot).

Of course, I could write a long list of wonderful locations, but Schwarzsee was the first one that came to mind.


And now: The stage is yours! Please introduce yourself and your field of activity.

My name is Elisabeth ‚Elli‘ Juen and I have been working in the film industry for 13 years. I started my career in Munich with a one-year internship in set and location management. After a year in Munich, I switched from a permanent position with a production company to a ‚freelance‘ position and have been a freelance filmmaker ever since.

My work to date has covered a number of areas of filmmaking. I have worked as a Set Manager, Location Manager, Location Scout, 1st Unit Manager, Production Coordinator, Extras Dispatcher/Supervisor and most recently as a 1st Assistant Director in these 13 years.

My current area of work is Set Manager and 1st Assistant Director – although I see myself mainly as 1st Assistant Director in the future. For the upcoming film year 2022, I have 5 episodes planned for a TV series and 1 feature film as 1st Assistant Director.

I have been able to work and gain experience in many genres: TV series, feature films, cinema films, daily, commercials, image films, TV shows (live + on-tape) and documentaries.

Numerous international projects are also part of it (for UK, USA, CHINA, etc.).

I regularly attend seminars in Austria and Munich to further my theoretical knowledge in addition to my practical work on set…

I’m also a total mountain freak, a nature lover and a passionate sportswoman, so I love mountain and outdoor films. Being able to work in this breathtaking setting is a pleasure for me every time (despite the usually enormous logistical effort)!

I love working with such great and ‚colourful‘ people, I love constantly discovering new, beautiful corners of this world (professionally) and I just love doing the complex and varied work of making films – hopefully many more exciting film projects await me – especially in Tirol!


Elisabeth ‚Elli‘ Juen
Trinserstraße 33
6150 Steinach am Brenner
Mob.: +43 664 5397208
Mail: elisabeth_juen@hotmail.com

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Elisabeth ‚Elli‘ Juen is a member of the Association of Austrian Assistant Directors and the Association of Austrian Production Managers.