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Professional know-how for the sustainable implementation of film projects is essential and represents an important additional qualification.


A dual seal of quality: The Green Film Consultant Austria (GFCA) training for professional filmmakers by Philip Gassmann in cooperation with the internationally awarded Evergreen Prisma - Central Competence & Information Hub for Green Filming of the LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION - LAFC is recognised by regional, national and international funding bodies in the context of their funding activities as well as by broadcasters. The underlying curriculum of the training to become a Green Film Consultant Austria corresponds to the German training 'Green Consultants Film & TV IHK' by Philip Gassmann and was expanded together with the LAFC to include the Austrian film & TV industry in addition to an international focus with the integration of the Evergreen Prisma. The Austrian Eco-label is also part of the network.

Keyword broadcaster and green policy: The LAFC has deliberately included the topic of international co-production in its outreach work from the very beginning. In this way, it is already helping to shape the freestyle of the near future - transnational, green filmmaking - for the Green Film Consultants. The LAFC builds bridges to other training centres and associations, together with the link and originator of German-language training in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia and others, Philip Gassmann, plus the Evergreen Prisma as a colourful toolbox, an important basis for professionals. The LAFC continues to expand her special programme for the GFCA.

This list of Green Film Consultants Austria serves funding institutions and broadcasters as serious proof of the competence acquired.

The following Tyrolean filmmakers are currently undergoing this training or have already completed it.


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