Come to Tirol by train!

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the German Railways (DB) connect Berlin and the mountains directly with an ICE.

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Wood instead of steel

The Stanglwirt is known throughout Austria and beyond its borders. But what is less well known is that the Stanglwirt has been a pioneer in sustainability for decades.

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Bye, bye plastic!

We all know what it's like: after shopping and unpacking - a mountain of plastic wrappers, plastic bags, plastic cups.

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Cosy, tasty, earthy!

For 500 years, the family-run Landhotel Stern in Obsteig has cultivated a philosophy based on these three principles.

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Sustainable carrots instead of cannons

In Hall in Tirol, five organic farmers have joined forces and bought the abandoned Straub barracks at auction. Since 2017, the largest vegetable logistics in Western Austria has been established on the site.

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How do cinemas go GREEN?

In cooperation with the expert Birgit Heidsiek from Green Film Shooting, the Lower Austrian Film Commission offered a webinar on Green Cinema for the first time.

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Bringing the outdoors in

How the Tyrolean company Organoid Technologies GmbH brings nature into the interior in a sustainable and innovative way.

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