Pure Green is climate neutral

Even as a sustainable and environmentally conscious company, it is impossible to completely avoid CO2 emissions. That is why the Tyrolean company now supports two certified climate protection projects.


The unavoidable emissions of the CO2 balance (e.g. electricity consumption or the daily travel of employees) are offset by two certified climate protection projects. The projects demonstrably save greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming.


Pure Green supports the following projects:

Naturpark Karwendel
To ensure the preservation and renaturation of the wonderful forests, Alpine pastures and all other natural areas in Austria, a lot of work has to be done every year. However, this necessary work means an enormous financial outlay for many protected areas. The Naturpark Karwendel links these environmental construction sites and the preservation of valuable habitats with the opportunity for young people to spend time in nature and make new friends. Working together, helping together, saving together!

Plastic Bank
Worldwide, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. In many developing countries, there is often no infrastructure for the proper disposal of plastic waste. The Plastic Bank project aims to stem the tide of plastic and improve the lives of collecting communities.


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For questions or more information, please contact service@puregreen.at.


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